“Nana Jo” 4/30/25 – 4/17/16

As Billy and I observe our sons growing up in this age of entitlement, we have prayed for the Lord to set them apart from it.  He sent an answer to this prayer in one way, by bringing us Billy’s grandmother, Nana Jo on Halloween 2009. The Lord prompted us to continue the tradition of care […]

Street Sign Part 2: U-TURN

So, what happens when we pray? Hearts can change. Whether our prayers are prompted by desperation, gratitude or habit, a sincere prayer is heard by the Living God. When we pray for our community we may need to brace ourselves a little. God hears our prayers. When we are desperate for hope to be restored and help to come, we may be the vehicle He hopes to use for that very purpose. I have some U-TURNS to make, how about you?


As the new year begins, I want to share a quick word about contentment.   I have been observing the struggle that Denise had this week.  In addition to the continued pain of approaching the year anniversary of her husbands murder, she had to return to work and leave her new baby for the first […]

The Clean Slate

As November ended and Christmas approached, I felt depleted. The thought of gift shopping was draining at best. Then, early one morning, I was awakened from my sleep with a crystal clear directive in my heart. “Give Chris a clean slate for Christmas”. As I processed this for a moment, I had a few questions for the Lord. What is a slate anyway? You mean like a chalk board from “Little House on the Prairie”? Where do they sell those? What does it mean?

The Lies We Believe

Being a slow processor, it took a while for me to see the themes forming in my thought life. A few things pointed me in the right direction. In the process of asking God to mature me in my responses, change my gut reactions, forgive me for my negative thoughts, and give me a thicker skin, a few things were revealed to me that you might be able to relate to. There were some LIES in my head that I was believing!